They say “People forget what you said or what you did, but remember how you made them feel!”

Putting your users first will ultimately help your business! When it comes to running an E-Commerce business and going live with an online store, there must be a constant conscious effort that you put in to know how your users think or expect you to be. And that is when the technical game called User Experience (UX) comes in.

What is User Experience (UX)?

UX is the process of providing clients with a distinctive and interesting experience when using a website or an app. It is very important to focus on designing the website or app accordingly with strategies to keep the customers engaged during their experience as a user.

Here is a guide on how UX can boost sales in E-Commerce, what are all the current trends in UX of E-Commerce, and tips and tricks to improve the quality of UX in your E-Commerce website/app.

What makes the best UX website

1.   Easy Navigation

The process must seem simple to a customer when they visit your website to make a purchase. This is only possible if your clients have access to a straightforward navigation system with options like filters, categories, pricing ranges, etc. If switching from one page to another after selecting an option takes more than two seconds, buyers may become disinterested in making a purchase.

Technical problems and faults can occasionally occur on your website, but they shouldn’t interfere with customers’ plans to purchase a product they’re interested in. When this happens, you can integrate interesting and inventive error pages that encourage visitors to stay on your website.

2.   Easy payment and transactions

Just like we make it a cakewalk for our customers to select their products, it should be as easy as the same to do their payments as well. This can be achieved by simply requesting the most important details, such as name, address, and contact information, with a few clicks, as opposed to asking for too many details that might take up more of the customers’ time. Customers are more satisfied with your UX when the payment procedure is quick

  • Understandable content in communication

Instead of showing content that feels like Greek and Latin to customers which makes it difficult to consume the content, understand it, and then make a purchase move or payment move, show relevant and understandable content which is pretty direct in communication so that the customers don’t get frustrated when they enjoy their shopping experience with your business.

4.   CTA

Calls to action are heavily influenced by psychology, and you may use this knowledge to expand your E-commerce business. A call to action that instructs your customer to take the appropriate action must appear on every webpage of your website. When customers are buying online, calls to action play a crucial role. They should not come out as desperate, but they also need to be supportive and accommodating. Before presenting clients with the “Buy now” or “Payment” options, it’s important to pay attention to details like product size or color requests.


Areas that get boosted with great UX, in turn, increase sales rate :

●     SEO credibility

Given that your website has outstanding UX, users—i.e., customers—spend more time there enjoying their buying experience, which instantly boosts the page’s SEO credibility. It makes a page or website very less user-pleasant for the users, which is identified by Google, and prevents it from ranking on search results if it has a somewhat dull UX without adequate navigation or intriguing eye-catching elements

●     Increased screen timing of the audience


They say “People forget what you said or what you did, but remember how you made them feel!”

Putting your users first will ultimately help your business! When it comes to running an E-Commerce business and going live with an online store, there must be a constant conscious effort that you put in to know how your users think or expect you to be. And that is when the technical game called User Experience (UX) comes in.

Current Trendy UX Features in E-Commerce:

(i) Dark mode

The trend of having a dark mode feature is something that came from the iPhone but has been one of the cool features that not only gives dark mode in the UI and UX but also helps in the saving of device battery charge. The kind of sophistication that a user gets when he/she experiences an online store really can push him/her to stay a bit longer on the page, which eventually brings thoughts of shopping one or the other, sometimes.

(ii) Voice searches

The voice search feature allows the users to give inputs in detail when they search in cases where they don’t feel like typing long inputs or hesitate to do so. Provided that you have this feature, it makes it so usable and easy for the customers to search for what they want and get results immediately. This quick response of detecting what customers say when they search and list out relevant products helps to increase the sales retention rate.

However, the technical work behind detecting the voices, and inputs accurately and showing the products accordingly is a deciding factor if a customer wants to make a purchase or to move away and go in search of their required products on some other website.

(iii) Image searches

Have you ever been in this situation where you see an amazing dress worn by someone on TV or in a show or on the internet and you immediately want to own the same kind of dress? Think of the same situation in different categories of products.

UX - Image search

Now as an E-Commerce business owner imagine having so many collections/products with an image search feature in your website’s UX, that a prospect with one or two images of a product comes to your website. High chances that they end up seeing what they wanted and purchasing it for real!

(iv) Virtual Try On

The virtual try-on features work so well in categories like clothing, cosmetics, and accessories. This feature with the use of Augmented Reality (AR) is something that users would enjoy using before deciding on making a purchase. This facilitates the increase in the interest in products in customers’ minds when they see the AR results. As a result, customers tend to buy the products facilitating the business as well!

(v) Video ads, reviews

We are in the era of people consuming so much content on the internet that we have no patience to sit and read long descriptions and expect information/content within 1 minute like Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, etc In this case, an E-Commerce business it’s high time to take advantage of this consumer behavior and provide users with short but creative video ads and real-time video reviews. This helps the customers to be aware of the products and creates a sense of trust when they watch real-time reviews as videos, which pulls them a bit closer to your business.

(vi) White space

As we discuss the different UX trends in E-Commerce, just like prioritizing the creative engagement that we give our customers, it’s equally important to focus on leaving blank white spaces too! This white space in your website allows the users to have a sense of freedom and gives them some space to feel and process what they experience and be satisfied with the content that they consume. However, it is necessary to know how and where to have those white spaces on the website/webpage to play the game fair yet convincing.

(vii) Chatbot

Any website that includes a chatbot as part of its user experience (UX) strengthens the relationship between a company and its clients. The ChatBot is something that your consumer would find trustworthy to communicate with overtime after using the website for some time and having a positive experience. This feature helps in solving customers’ queries and doubts as a customer support service. 

●     Multiple streams of revenue


Just like focusing on the aspects of UX by your users in your E-commerce websites, it’s equally crucial to be digitally active on other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc with intriguing content designed with strategic UX that drives the prospects to your authority website. The journey of bringing such prospects from other platforms to your website as an experience must be made easy and smooth which allows the users to decide if they want to spend more time and make a purchase on your website.

●     Builds customers’ trust and loyalty

Building trust and loyalty comes with time with persistent consistency when it comes to business. It’s about the business being loyal to the customers so that the customers also become loyal to you. If there is anything that disrupts or interrupts the process of building this trust by customers when they are experiencing the UI and UX of your site (eg; customers finding it difficult to navigate and land on poor landing pages, etc), the customers tend to easily drop down their values of trust for the business. So having a great UX keeps the audience in a space where they remember your brand, revisit it, and make a purchase.


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