Managing time hasn’t been an easy one for many. That’s why there are lazy bucks like us. And we are the smartest ones on the planet. As we find the best strategies to do things quickly and efficiently.

In this post, we will look into 10 office-ready hairstyles in order to look professional and polished. If you are the one who always messes up with the alarm and gets late to work, then stick on to find your best hairstyle.

10 office-ready hairstyles for women

Short Hair

If you have short hair. It will be useful for you as you can maintain your hair at ease and can get ready faster. Now let u look at the office-ready hairstyles for short hair.


If your hair is messy, frizzy and doesn’t stay in place, then use the front braid. Pin it behind the ear and comb the rest part. You are ready to go

Leave it as you go

Wash your hair and don’t have time to style it. Don’t worry just tuck your hair, comb it and apply the gel. That it. You are all ready to go.

Medium Hair

Having medium hair will need some more maintenance. But you can get ready with that if you follow these hairstyle tips. This will give the office-ready hairstyle if you have medium-length hair.

Braided Bun

Braid your hair, start from the top right or left side then braid till the end. Then make a small bun and secure it with a pin. That’s it you are all set to go.

Messy Bun

If this is not the savior then nothing will be. Comb your hair, twist it and finish it with a pin or band. A loose strand of hair here and there will grace the look.

Long Hair

Having long hair and getting ready for the office is not a good combo. You really need some time to style your hair. But not with this hairstyle that Im going to share with you.

Braid with scarf

Take a silk scarf, and make a pony with that. Then braid it as you normally do.  Tie it at the end or you can leave it as it is.

Boppy Pins to the Rescue

Not having time to braid, then just comb it and take some hair to either side of your face then secure it with bobby pins. Pin it parallel or in criss cross.

Sleek Ponytail

Comb your hair and give it a chic and professional look with a sleek ponytail. This is super easy and will give you office ready look all time.

Free hair

Wash your hair, blow dry it, and to the office with conditioner in a spray bottle. Add some oil or gel to make your hair stay in one place.

Curly Hair

It is a nightmare to have curl locks and get ready quickly and faster. But these hairstyles will help you in less time and effort.

Side braid

Braid your hair loosely from one end to another and braid it to one side. Be it right or left. This will make your hair stay in one place and you will be all set to go.

Half ponytail

When you washed your hair and don’t have time to dry it off. Then do a quick half ponytail. This will dry the inner hair and also will be ready on time.

10 office-ready hairstyles for men

Look out for the ten office-ready hairstyles for men in the list below.

  • Side part
  • Slick back
  • Undercut
  • Textured crop
  • French Crop
  • Summer
  • Buzz
  • Faded
  • Curly Top
  • Top Knot

Wrap Up

Getting up late isn’t always a choice for you. But these certain hacks and tips will make you look professional and polished. Hope you found the hairstyle that you will stick to when you get late to the office. Share this with your friends and colleagues who definitely need this saviour hairstyle.

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