Fashion designers organise fashion week where the models present their new clothing line. This commences every season and the designers come up with unique and trendy clothing to promote their designs.

There are four big events that happen in the world and they are termed as “Big 4”. It takes place in Paris, London, Milan and New York.

Well, in this post we will look into the great fashion shows that have explored the innovations at the fashion week.

New York Fashion Week

This takes place bi-annually and it falls on the months of February and September in the city of New York. The event is most looked out by designers, celebrities, models and fashion enthusiasts. This began as early as 1940. It is the first one to introduce this event.

London Fashion Week

London fashion week is the short one of the four events. It occurs for 5 days and starts right after the New York’s. It has been known for being fearless and imaginative. In London, it began in 1983 with the help of the British Fashion Council. The event has been attended by great British icons like Princess Diana and must more. It has bought in many established fashion brands and models.

Paris Fashion Week

The Paris fashion week takes place bi-annually, and it is organised in Paris. It commences in the months of February and September. It gives out new designs from the biggest and most established brands. It also showcases the collections for all seasons from all the brands. It began in the year 1973. It was organised int the grand balls where people would gather and watch the show. It is the first one to show the ready-to-wear and menswear in the event. And it has gained more name and fame and it began to showcase fantasy and reality after 1970.

Milan Fashion Week

The Milan week is the last in the Big. It is organised twice a year and it is known for sex appeal and extravaganza. It happens in September and October of the year. Eleanor Lambert and Giovanni Battista Giorgini inspire the Milan fashion week. The show gained an international look in Italy. It began in 1976 and it has been showing great shows. It has shown great designers like Miuccia Prada, Jeremy Scott and much more.

Let us look at the innovations that have been induced

Tech-Infused Runways

Nowadays, it is not only the traditional catwalks there has been technology infused into fashion week. Some designers used the technology in their hands and made use of the designs in moving art.

Sustainable Fashion Initiatives

Sustainability has been popping out in recent years and the fashion week has established clothes that are eco-friendly and bring sustainability.

Inclusive and Diverse Representation

Models sticking to the perfect size have not been the slogan. There are models of different sizes, tones, and backgrounds. This broke all the conventional ways and embraces beauty as natural, promoting the powerful symbol of unity and acceptance.

Digital Fashion Shows

The pandemic has brought new solutions and that doesn’t stop with the fashion week. With technology at hand, the designers streamed the virtual reality experiences during the fashion week. It has been great and visually appealing to fashion enthusiasts.

Wrap Up

Fashion Week has been showcasing the world about style, creativity and innovation in clothing. It has been evolving every year and every season providing the clothes that stand out. It has evolved into more culture, giving the spotlight to new ideas and changes. The fashion week will remain a beacon of inspiration to the future of fashion.

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