Ship Station is a center for eCommerce companies for order fulfillment, inventory control, and shipping. The hub, which can coordinate multiple online sales channels and multiple carriers, can be used by users to import, control, and send orders.

Better to be 3 hours too soon than to be a minute late!

– William Shakespeare. 

Time is like one of the currencies for Entrepreneurs and Business owners. The more a business values its time along with its customers’ time, the more it gets reputed. 

Ship Station

Especially in the field of E-Commerce business, if there is anything that makes online shopping “online”, it’s only the shipping and direct delivery service.

One of the prominent factors for customers to stick to the brand of your E-Commerce business is the service that you provide, which directly is how fast are you in getting their needs to their doorstep. 

Ship Station and its outstanding features  

Here are 7 reasons why an E-Commerce business should consider this as a tool for its shipping services to its customers. 

Order management: 

The order management system offers a variety of tools to split, combine, edit, and import orders across numerous warehouses, all bundled under one roof in a single dashboard.


You can choose the appropriate shipping rates for each transaction with Ship Station by integrating your selling channels with carrier accounts.


As already said, if there is something that makes customers stick to your brand, it’s the quick service and value that you provide to their time. It helps in branding your business with services like customizing shipping labels, and printing your brand logo and packaging slips the best is they send personal, customized, branded e-mails to customers to increase the quality of interaction, which in turn creates a good reputation for your business.  

Inventory Management: 

This feature allows online sellers to keep proper track of the stock of products, while also getting notifications when running out of stock and reserve inventory. The specialty of the feature is it can be experienced directly on your mobile phone as it has its own Mobile Shipping app for Android and iOS. 


It is worth investing in as it is super-fast than all other shipping tools in the market, relatively. It provides services to both the business owners where they play a vital role in the reduction of too much of business owners’ attention on the process of delivering their products/goods to their customers, which lets them focus on other aspects of their business, with their precious time. Whereas, similarly it also provides services to the customers to get their products smoothly, and seamlessly, with quality in packaging.

Customer Support: 

Ship Station has more than 50 integrations with international delivery companies like USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc which makes it almost impossible to get stuck due to global supply chain disruptions. It provides excellent customer support in various forms including phone support, live chat, email, and community forum support. It has a feature called Returns Portal which is exclusively designed and developed to handle branded return cases. This makes customers feel super-easy to visit their portal and initiate a return, which also is time-efficient and user-friendly.

300+ Partner integrations & 30+ Carrier Integration

Many well-known companies, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS, are partners with Ship Station. The methods for connecting to your Ship Station account vary depending on the shipping partner. 

Reasonable prices

Ship Station offers discounted shipping prices for the best carriers in the globe. Signing up for Ship Station will give you immediate access to prices that will enable you to save even more money, regardless of whether you use UPS, DHL, USPS, SEKO LTL, or another carrier. However, shipping reductions are only one part of your savings. It saves time and money to eliminate repetitive processes like manual input.


Before we begin, we need to know that Ship Station themselves are merchants too!

Ship Station blogs offer E-commerce companies of all sizes the chance to stay current on the latest app features, shipping industry news, and business guidance they have either learned the hard way or from their international partners. Ship Station community forums are the best spot to interact with other online retailers. Ship Station community allows us to inquire about their path to success, their experiences switching platforms or anything else connected to the e-commerce industry!

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What is a Ship Station? 

Ship Station is a web-based e-commerce shipping tool that will automate and streamline your fulfillment procedure.

How does the Ship Station work? 

In Ship Station, orders from all of your stores, selling channels, and purchase sources can be imported. Once connected, you can add new accounts or connect current carrier accounts. Ship Station notifies the retailer and the customer who made the order once the order has been shipped, along with shipment and tracking details.

Who should use Ship Station? 

When E-Commerce business owners find it difficult to handle numerous orders, for example, 150 orders per week, in the process of shipping, such business people can use Ship Station and get benefit from it. 

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