Magazines have been a tool for creating unique and impactful brand awareness for people. Fashion magazines gave insight into the style, trend and fashion in the industry. People buy this by subscription method like monthly, weekly or quarterly.

In this post, we will look into the top 5 fashion magazines in the world.

Top 5 fashion magazines in the world

The fashion magazines will be on trend and will be on update as long as we are going to wear clothes. (That will be forever) Yes, that’s the thing with the clothing industry. We need to wear clothes every day, throughout the year and for the years to come. So, what’s the catch? We have to update and keep on changing the pattern and style. And for this fashion magazines have been an ideal choice to promote and pass down fashion to people and fashion enthusiasts.


Vogue is a fashion magazine founded by Arthur Baldwin Turnure. The magazine released weekly focuses on women’s fashion. The magazine was started to circulation in 1892. It has over 11 million subscribers which you can get around in 23 countries. It features the best and most great fashion designers and models in the world. It also features fashion shows, designers all around and the latest industry news.


The French magazine Elle was founded by Helene Gordon-Lazareff. The magazine started after World War II in 1945. The magazine is the passion of Helene, as she focused it on fashion. The magazine focuses on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and women’s empowerment. The magazine also inspires women to love themselves, and glow with positive vibes and freedom.


Allure Fashion magazine was founded by Linda Wells in 1991. The magazine focuses on beauty, wealth, and wellness for women. The magazine has over 8 million online readers. Now the magazine has been in the hands of Michelle Lee since 2015. Its in-depth knowledge of beauty has been shared over the years through stories of not only celebrities and models but also hairstylists, makeup artists and manicurists. This gave the readers with more practical tips and tricks and this made the magazine stand out from other fashion magazines.

W Magazine

W magazine was founded by James Brady in 1972. The magazine features style, culture, fashion, art, film and celebrity. The magazine has over 50 million subscribers. It focuses on the stories in an engaging and thought-provoking manner. It stood out from the other magazines for its controversial columns and stories. 

Marie Claire

Marie Claire magazine was founded by Evelyn Prouvost in 1937. The magazine is her dream as she is a fashion enthusiast. Her passion for culture and lifestyle is the result of this magazine. The magazine ranked at the top and attracted a large base of readers since its first edition. It focuses on fashion, culture, trends, art, and the voice of women. It has been a combination of beauty and boldness and its peculiar way of stories grabbed the interests of the readers. Now the magazine is circulated in 35 countries.

Wrap Up

Magazines have been attracting readers for their glow and smooth pages. And nevertheless to say the fashion magazine stood way before in that. With its captivating pictures, news, and stories along with beauty and fashion updates the fashion magazine has never failed to give the charm. Though the internet has been giving a lot of articles, the special feel when you grab the magazine and read it out in your cozy chair hits differently than reading it online. And that’s the reason still there have been printing copies and have been read by readers all over the world.

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