Are you seeking “Equity-Free,” “Biased,” and “Hassle-Free Ecommerce finance to help you finally establish, grow, expand, and even get out of a tough spot?

Would a fundraising platform work? Clearco is the platform you need.

Online lender Clearco, formerly Clearbanc, focuses on providing seed capital to software as a service (SaaS) and e-commerce startups. It might be a useful resource for tech businesses searching for alternatives to equity financing as it offers a variety of investment packages. During the past several years, there has been a significant increase in the market for financial services and investors to support e-commerce firms. Several of these are concentrated on the “scale up” stage: I.e., companies having a three to four-year history and a solid track record.

One of the increasing numbers of solutions targeted at early-stage firms is Clear Angel from ClearCo: Your company does not have to be more than three or four years old. Moreover, Clearco provides free company tracking tools including Clear Partners, Clear Valuations, and Clear Insights. But not all small businesses should use it. The primary goals of Clear Capital are to finance marketing and inventories. While there are fewer limitations with Clear Runway, it is only accessible to SaaS businesses. Moreover, both demand daily repayments. I have studied other online lenders who provide more freedom.

Via revenue-based finance solutions, Clearco offers equity-free cash to companies, direct-to-consumer brands, and small- to medium-sized enterprises. The goal of Clearco is to democratize finance access. We do this via a data-driven system that is only funded depending on company performance. To put it another way, we remove bias from financing.

Let us get deep into Clearco products!

If you are looking for finance, Clearco only offers one main product: cash advances. Cash advances, also known as merchant cash advances, are simply loans where you give up a portion of your future credit card and even debit card receivables in exchange for capital.

Hence, if you have a day with low sales, say $200, you will only be taken out less than $200 and the money goes back to the provider; but, if you have a day with large sales, say $1,000, you would be taken out more money from your account for that day. They are often repaid on a daily, occasionally weekly, basis; monthly payments are rare since they result in too many defaults.

How much does Clearco set you back?

There isn’t a “cost” associated with opening an account; instead, there is a flat charge of 6% for qualified marketing expenses and 12% for all other company expenses that have been authorized. As a result, you will be aware of the upfront cost of the capital. How to Pay Clearco is as follows…

Your offers will specify the revenue-sharing percentage or the portion of your daily sales that will be taken directly out of the associated company bank account. When funds are made available, payments start 2 business days later and are unrelated to your expenditure. You will make daily payments until the advance amount plus a flat charge of 6% is paid.

Complicated login process?

Nah! It is just as easy, let us jump right into it!

Step 1. Register- You can do it easily with your Google account.

Step 2. Add your basic details last name and phone number are taken.

Step 3. To better understand you, necessary details are taken.

Step 4. Connect to your payment gateway. – connect with your banks for further process.

Step 5. The final one- is where you land on Clearco ‘s dashboard.

When you reach this stage, using the Clearco login, you will be able to access your dashboard or back office. If you’re a new user, you’ll notice a large notification informing you that offers are often created in less than 48 hours.

Once you are evaluated, a box comes in front which makes you qualify for funding.

The final word.

You may bet on having quick access to cash in as little as 48 hours if you operate an e-commerce setup firm (or any other industry), whether you want to create, grow, extend, or even get out of a bad spot.

Revenue-based payments, a straightforward flat fee, no need for a personal guarantee, and no set due date. You got to witness why leading e-commerce companies trust this firm on a global scale as well as how Clearco’s organizational design makes it easy to access your sales, marketing, and accounting platforms as well as finances.

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