AliExpress, a Chinese-based online retailer owned by the Alibaba Group, was established in 2010. One of the largest online marketplaces in the world, it is well-liked by both consumers and merchants. For very low prices and with ease, it offers drop shipping for small businesses.

Starting as a marketplace for business-to-business transactions, Since then, it has grown to now incorporate cloud computing, payment services, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer interactions. It is often used by e-commerce stores that use a dropship business model. Something notable is although the majority of the sellers are Chinese, AliExpress does not sell to customers in mainland China and is instead targeted at import purchasers.

Consumers purchasing merchandise and goods, especially China-based ones, is something that we all know because of their attractiveness, cheaper prices, etc. However, it has built a bad reputation for itself with about 12% of 2 stars or fewer ratings in its reviews. This is because people were not satisfied with the products that sell which are so worthless and of poor quality.

In this article, we’ll discuss what is the reasoning behind those bad reviews and what you all need to know as solutions to those problems before you make your purchases.

Is AliExpress Legit?

Now as there are numerous negative reviews about AliExpress, the very first question that arises to users or consumers is that if this is LEGIT OR NOT?

Yes, this is a real, legit company and one of the reliable marketplaces. However it is also important to know that some sellers on the platform do sell poor quality goods or products, but in such cases, it also provides the customers with refunds given that a proper complaint is raised within a proper time. This kind of service they are providing to its customers with a full refund for issues like late delivery or the product not being up to the mark like its description making it a safe E-Commerce platform.

Buyer Protection Program:

It has its own Comprehensive Buyer Protection program and this is how it works :

  1. When a customer is not satisfied with the received product he/she must first report the problem.
  2. When the seller is not willing to resolve the issue, the customer can openly raise a complaint/open a dispute.
  3. Moving further if the Seller does not respond to the dispute, it will start the process of refunding your money back. This refund can be expected within 2 weeks.

The Buyer Protection program is also helpful to Its customers not getting junk products and also prevents outright fraud. All this just sums it all up as an answer to the main question that it is legit and safe!

Why has AliExpress got so many bad reviews?

Now here in this case we need to know that it has over 10 million sellers on its platforms where literally anyone and everyone in the world can sell through AliExpress. AiExpress does not have or sell its products, it acts as a middle agent between the sellers and buyers. In these kinds of large market places it’s almost impossible for AliExpress to focus on every bad review given by the customers. Because it has got both good and bad products and sellers equally. A valid suggestion for the buyers here is to not take products that have 1 or 2-star ratings should not be even taken into consideration.

However, it has also managed to come up with measures to avoid or prevent its users from fraud. As long as the people, as consumers, are aware of distinguishing between good and quality products, and sellers with positive reviews from the poor ones, this platform is not risky.

List of Negative Reviews about AliExpress and How to be Careful while Shopping:

I) Shipping Delayed:

One of the major complaints that customers write about them is that the shipping gets delayed. There is no specific guarantee on quick delivery of products because it might take just 2 weeks or even 2 months for some products. However, they promised to deliver its products to the customers within the last date of the published estimated delivery time.

A quick tip to note is that It will provide you with a full refund if the product is not delivered within the estimated delivery date.

On the order overview page, there is a feature called Eva Customer Service Bot that customers can use by choosing the option ”Order not Received” option, to file for a refund.

  • The average time taken to deliver is 20-40 days
  • Delivery methods suggestions: Its Standard shipping delivered by Airmail, DHL, ups

II) Poor Quality Products:

Customers should be aware of the fact that cheaper products come with cheaper quality controls and materials. The only highly suggestive method to be used here is to go through the review, rating, and details of the sellers.

  • Do not buy a product from a seller who has less than 500 to 1000 solid records of orders.
  • Do not go for products that have less than 100 to 150 reviews.
  • Go for products that have a star rating of a minimum of 4.
  • Avoid shopping for electronic gadgets on this platform as some sellers might also sell 2nd or 3rd copy products that are not of actual brands and can even have low-quality spare parts.

II) Refund not given:

One of the main reasons observed for customers not being able to initiate their process for refund is that the Buyer Protection Program is active and can be accessed for opening a complaint only till the last date of estimated delivery.

For example, if the estimated delivery time of a customer’s order was 20-40 days, and in a case where the customer needs a refund after receiving the product on the 40th day for being unsatisfied with the product, the customer must immediately initiate to file a complaint on the very 40th day. It doesn’t get effective once the date gets crossed in the cases of refunds in AliExpress.

IV) Products are counterfeit:

It does not work with brands like Gucci or Prada or Nike. So when a customer gets to see such products with similar brand labels in the description, there is a guarantee that such products are 100% fake. Scenarios like purchasing precious expensive products like Gold or Silver by getting tempted by prices that are too good to be true is one of the worst things that can happen to a consumer. 

Due to a large number of negative comments and reviews about AliExpress products being counterfeit merchandise, The Better Business Bureau does not accredit them, and as of September 3, 2022. It had received 240 complaints against the online marketplace. \

So by any chance, if a customer gets to see a product with a top brand’s name, it’s already fake! So purchasing on this platform with fewer expectations about the originality of such branded products is appreciated.


Given that the customers or consumers are aware of all the pros and cons and are thorough with the above-given guidelines to follow while purchasing, It is a safe, reliable place to shop. Given that customers have really good patience in waiting for the ordered products, and are pretty aware of the quality that they might get out of the products that they order, and are initiating the process of filing complaints or requesting for refund as and when they receive the product by checking the quality of products as soon as possible, AliExpress is an amazing go-to place for shopping freaks!

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