If being in trend is what makes you being alive then this pout trend must have filled in your head. Let me guess, you must have got ready, set up your camera with ring lights, all ready to set for the pout trend. But ouch! You don’t look good! Uh-oh! I feel bad for you too!

If you know, you will know!

Pout is not as easy as it sounds to be! And to admit, it doesn’t look that perfect when you attempt it for the first time.

It if looks perfect, then big hug girl! Please be kind and pass this article to your friend who needs this master guide on how to pout!

Fuller Pout Trend- Ever wondered how they have ?

You can get that with some tips and tricks. And we are going to achieve that with the right makeup!

But, if you are here, all the way down then you must really need to know the tips and tricks for that plum and pout trend. And let me reveal this now!

But keep in mind that you can get that pout lips with makeup, artificial method and natural methods.

Natural Method

Try using it by taking care of your lips. Use exfoliation for lips as it helps in removing your dead cells. This will result in giving you soft and smooth lips.

Tip: Use sugar with honey or milk and rub it with a new soft bristle brush. Scrub it and wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it.

Moisture your lips as, without care the lips will become dry. Which will result in chapped lips. And to keep that from bay, it is recommended to keep your lips moisturized. Try using lip balm and stay hydrated.

Have you heard “Practice makes a man perfect!” Then try it for some time. No, try it until you get it perfect.

Makeup Method

Now go and take your makeup kit. We are going to make your lip look plumpy and juicy.

Fuller Pout Trend - Plump and Perfect
  • Take the foundation and apply it all over the lip area.
  • Then take your lip liner that matches your lip colour or the lip shade you are going to use.
  • Take it to the middle and draw it towards your lips corner. Then do the same for the other side.
  • Now take your lip shade and fill in the parts above and on your lips.
  • Use a lip brush so that you will have control.

Finish the look with lip gloss. Now your lip will look plump and juicy. Now do the practised pout and you are all set to the pout trend!

Wrap Up

If you need a plum and pout look then this post must have given you the details with step by step procedure. You can also try this pout with an artificial method which involves going to the clinic and injecting on your lips. It is not recommended, but it is your choice to go for it or not.

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