Unlock the secrets for beauty at any age. Who said beauty equals age? Looking to slay and ravish might not be bound to a certain age. In this post, we will look into the often-overlooked thing. But it is an integral part of our beauty that is none other than the grey hair.

If you have got into the idea of grey hair = old, then you are wrong. There are plenty of people who just rock their presence with their beautiful grey hair.

Grey hair is a natural process and it is always attached to ageing. Though it is true to an extent there are certain factors that let grey hair pop in naturally.

 And in this article, we are going to see the age-based percentage and how to embrace it beautifully.

Beautiful Grey Hair

Grey hair shows your individuality, wisdom and experience that you have got over the years. There are a lot of options to colour your hair but there are people who choose to adore it with self-acceptance and confidence. However, it is a personal choice whether to stay natural or not.

Age 20 – 30

I understand it is not the ideal age to have grey hair. But as you enter the last phase of this age there may be one or two strands popping here and there and there screaming for their presence to be seen. For this, you can either colour it to your natural hair color or highlight it according to your choice.

Age 40 – 50

At this age, you must see some more locks or parts of your hair starting to change over fully in gray. This might add sheer beauty and style. You must maintain the hair, and style them. The grey hair may be like 30 – 50% now. Go to a hairstylist and look out for ways how to embrace this. Many choose the popular salt and pepper look, which turns out to be stunning and rocking.

Age 60 and beyond

As you enter as a senior citizen there is no hiding and denying your age. And to celebrate this your hair shows your wisdom and experience. You must have 70 – 100% of grey hair in this process. This might be overwhelming and emotional if you’ve been coloring your hair. But, you can embrace beauty by being natural. Try out new styles and haircuts that might turn to set with grey hair.

You can embrace your silver locks this way

Grey hair

Ageing doesn’t stop you from maintaining and managing your beauty.

However, this is the ideal time that you to focus on nurturing it.

Follow these steps to make your grey hair stunning and healthy.


You must have felt a lot of dryness and itchiness when the percentage boosted from 5 – 50%. And this is because the grey hair causes dryness and it needs to be moisturized. Use hydrating shampoo, conditioners and leave-in conditioners for this dryness.


Yeah, if you have been maintaining your locks for months, it might end up in split ends, which will look messy and will ruin your overall look. Trim your hair now and then for a neat look.


You have stuck to a particular style for years now. But to look different with this grey hair, you have to try and find your unique style. Short hair works the charm and it comes with less maintenance.

Wrap Up

There are many prominent celebrities, leaders and models who are embracing their grey hair with style. Getting inspired by them many do color their hair in that way. Because grey hair shows the wisdom and experience one has embarked on. As you have seen age wise how they develop over the years, and how their count and percentage increases. Embracing the silver locks in a natural way will bring out the true beauty of yourself. But for that, you have to find your style!

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