If your ecommerce brand is running low on engagement and profits, then you are lacking in customer satisfaction while shopping. So one way you can boost both of them is by implementing voice commerce with AI for your ecommerce businesses. 

Well, in this blog post, we will look into the ways we can introduce voice commerce, why you need them and how it benefits your ecommerce business. 

What is Voice Commerce?

Voice commerce (V-commerce) is a way of making purchases on ecommerce platforms using voice commands. 

Voice commerce

You might be wondering how it works. It uses voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google and chatbot. 

How does voice commerce work?

It needs a voice as an input to work. You need to have software that analyses your voice and provides products and insights according to that. The software will have natural language processing to take action with your command. 

Other than this, the main thing they need is Artificial Intelligence (AI). As it is used to collect customer’s data and their purchase history. With this, it will help in giving you personalized recommendations to your customers. 

The AI recognizes your previous orders and when you voice search for the same style or brand that you are intended to purchase, it will show you the recommendations. 

You need both NLP and AI in V-commerce to provide related product recommendations to your customers. 

Benefits of Voice Commerce

  •  Having voice commerce for your ecommerce platform will be convenient for the customers as they can search for the product easily
  • V-commerce has been beneficial to people with disabilities as it will be hard for them to type and search for the product. 
  • It will be useful to collect data to improve customer shopping experience. As it will record the words the customer uses to search for their products. 
  • Having V-commerce is so easy to find a product and purchase it. When you know what you have to ask then you will get the same. You don’t need to focus on finding a product and dive into research mode to purchase a product. You can search for a product through voice while you are doing another job or work. Another big thing is that you don’t need to fill in all the details to go on with shopping. 
  • You need to have a plan or be a part of the site to use the voice search. But when you do it you can get to know everything about a product from searching for it to purchasing it easily. 

Challenges faced while using voice commerce

  • Voice commerce comes with language limitations. It works only with English mostly and Siri supports over 17 languages. 
  • The voice assistants have problems with interactions with humans. 
  • There is a knowledge gap as many users do not know how to use voice assistants and what they can do. 
  • They don’t trust voice commerce as it may make some blunders. 
  • It is also believed that voice commerce listens most of the time and it can cause some privacy issues.

Future of voice commerce

It can be said that voice commerce will change the work process of ecommerce platforms. It will be used more by the users and there are already 20% of people using it. The only thing that makes people hesitant to use voice commerce is that it overhears a lot and it is interfering with privacy. So, if it needs to be adapted by the masses it must come with some updates. 

Wrap Up

Having voice commerce will enable your ecommerce business to skyrocket. It can be a great addition to your website as customers can talk with a voice assistant and get the products that they need without the help of a keyboard. As it will be very functional and the users can have a personalized shopping experience. 

So if you are planning to imbibe this voice commerce make sure that you use conversational keywords for your products. As it will help in reaching more. And also improve the product content with descriptions and details. It will boost the visibility and focus on repeat orders and trending products. 

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